/Steaming press iron now already in Bangladesh

Steaming press iron now already in Bangladesh

Steaming iron press now already in Bangladesh. No shipping pain & avoid custom irritated. Please check (Steam press iron Product feature & Review)


  1. Open carton and take iron out of it.
  2. Put iron on a flat, firm and heat-resistant surface. Steam press iron only base or a table or stand is suitable.

How to use the Steam press iron

Your appliance is equipped with the security lock to avoid accidentally opening. Press handle down gently and then press two buttons of handle up.


Open press iron gently by the handle. Never try to quick press iron.


Closing & Opening Steam press iron very naturally.


The handle is used for opening and closing heated sheet. When you lift handle up by hand, a pressure is released and appliance opens. When you move handle down appliance closes and pressure increases up to maximum level automatically by moving the handle down.


Type of water for steam press iron:

You can only tap water and or iron-only distilled water.

Never use water of rain or melting refrigerator snowflakes.



  • 10 times the size of a traditional ironing surface
  • Temperature range: 212 degrees F – 410 degrees F on live steaming press conference heat press machine.
  • Computer controlled LED Digital display for temperature accuracy
  • Safe on nylon, silk, wool, cotton, and linen. The steam press is easy to use. Just pull the handle down and press the button for a burst of steam.
  • Non-Stick Pressing plate with Over 100 lbs. of even pressure to create sharp, long lasting creases
  • Includes accessory package: spray bottle, pressing cushion, and water fill cup.The steam press is easy to use. Just pull the handle down and press the button for a burst of steam.
  • Manually water refill the water box, but auto water spray function.



SATISFACTION GUARANTEED — Backed by a 1-year hassle-free warranty and supported by a customer service team based in Andover, KS




QUICK HEAT UP TIME — A 10-ounce easy-fill water tank heats up in 3 minutes, steam press automatically shuts off and alerts if left idle for prolonged periods


LARGE STEAMING SURFACE — Non-stick pressing surface measures 25 x 10.5 inches, tabletop size with press lock feature allows for easier carrying and storage.Item Dimensions 2100, hundredths-inches, 2600, hundredths-inches, 23.94, pounds, 900, hundredths-inches


EQUIPPED FOR THE JOB — Accessories include a spray bottle, pressing cushion, and measuring cup to aid in the pressing process.